Speakers on for Christmas music
This page was constructed when GWB was in the Whitehouse


T’was the week before Christmas
 And all through the school,
 Not a Christian was stirring,
 because of the ACLU

The books were all piled
 in their lockers with care
 In hopes that Winter Break
 Would soon be there

The children were all twitching and twisting at their desk
 While doses of Ritalin helped them to rest
 The teacher, in her Holiday shirt
 And I, in my P.C. hat
 Had just settled down
 For a Christ - less chat

When out of the blue there arose some chatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter
“Was someone speaking of God in school?”

Who could it be?
Who was that fool ?
I  opened the door and realized the danger,
It was the President himself, speaking of a manger

I could not believe my eyes or ears,
Someone speaking of Christ after all these years !
Does he not realize the battles we’ve fought,
To keep religion from being taught ?


( Oh, for the good years when this Christian man was President! )

He is the President, for heavens sake !
He must know he has made a mistake
He continues on with the story,
The children are intrigued by God’s Glory

“Where has he been, under a rock?”
“Someone please, please make him stop !”
“He is telling a story straight from the Bible,
will this make the whole school system liable ?”


“Who should we call to put up a fight ?”
“anyone, anyone, just not the far right”
Call Daschle, call Clinton, call Biden or Bayh
Call, Kennedy, Kerry, or give Boxer a try

The President spoke up
“Hey, call them all, have them meet me down the hall”
“We have some things we need to discuss,
Like the lack of Christ in Christmas”

“This is not the time of year for Winter Break,
That is where we’ve made a huge mistake.”
“This is the time to celebrate Christ’s birth,
We seem to have forgotten what that is worth”

Now, everyone please take a stand

And remember God gave us this land

Poem by Kellie Weeks
 Hall County, GA
 A parody of the classic T'was the Night Before Christmas
 by Clement Clarke Moore

As a former public school teacher for many years, I can certainly relate to Kellie's words. Taking God and discipline out of our schools started the downward spiral.

Oh, for the good old days of 1981 when Ronald Reagan was President before political correctness and the Godless ACLU affected so many areas of our  lives.

Click here to view a video of President Reagan's 1981 Christmas message to the country. He did not appear to be intimidated by the ACLU or the communists!

Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA



Remember when we prayed aloud in school and read
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