Speakers on for Santa Claus is coming to Town


The following poem was written by Kevin Baker of Shelby, NC. It was read on WBT-AM radio on 12/22/09.


Twas a week before Christmas, when on Capitol Hill

The democrats were working, on the ObamaCare bill

Americans did not want it, the Dems did not care

Backdoor deals being cut, transparency nowhere

The children were nestled all snug in their beds

Unaware of a future jeopardized by the feds

Myself and my wife, part of the unemployed mob

Were staying up late, for we didn't have a job

When out in the yard there arouse such a rauckus

The last noise I heard like this came from Max Baucus

Away to the window I flew like a flash

Faster than the government can print up new cash

The moon that night, oh how strong it did shine

So bright you could even read our foreclosure sign


When what did I see coming near from afar

A mega-green hybrid electric Volt car.



With fanfare a plenty, a real hype-orama

I knew in a flash it must be Obama.

Yes it was Barack, Oh yes this I did know

For he has been on every magazine and show


On Oprah, on Dateline, on Primetime and Leno

On The View, on Wipeout, four times on The Late Show

From The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal

His face was as familiar as the KFC Colonel


He spoke not a word, his teleprompter was broke

And the gift that he gave me I thought was a joke

He presented no gift to bring me a thrill

All that he gave me was a higher tax bill



For a guy who spent trillions, I thought this was cheap

And the hike in the taxes was very, very steep

But that’s the way it goes, for I am middle class

When government needs money, it bites us in the ….wallet |


He sprang to his hybrid, the gears he did wind

And left not a single carbon footprint behind

Then he exclaimed to me, his higher tax debtor

“When I promised change, I didn't say for the better !”



Poem by Kevin Baker
Shelby, NC




Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night !!

Hope you can sleep tight.

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