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To All the Girls
Speakers on for You Light Up My Life


What's  so poignant about this picture?

Well,  it shows a line of little girls holding hands  facing the immensity of ocean waves. Alone  they might be washed away, but together they  stand strong.

Thank  you each for holding my hand somewhere along the  way when I was facing a wave of my own.

I  hope you will reach for my hand when your own  wave threatens.


All  of us girls..
Old  and young...
Near  and far...
Hold  special memories of good times we've  shared.
We've  had our share of hard times when our friends were there to make us feel better.
We've  shared...
Our  hearts
Our  time
Our secrets
Our fears
Our  hopes
And our  dreams.
Let  us never break the chain of friends!

If you get this twice or more, you are lucky to  have more than one girlfriend..

Someone  will always be prettier.

Someone  will always be smarter.

Their  house will be bigger.

They  will drive a better car.


Their  children will do better in school.


 And  their husband will fix more things around the  house.




I  am too blessed to be stressed and too anointed  to be disappointed!'
I  like that!
'Winners  make things happen.
Losers  let things happen.
Be  Blessed ladies and pass this on to encourage  another woman.
'To  the world you might be one person,
But  to one person you just might be the world'.







Live well, Love deeply, Laugh often

Blessings to all of you!





Nothing is so strong as gentleness, and nothing is so gentle as true strength.  -
St. Francis De Sales


Stop and Smell the Roses

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