North America Tang Soo Do Federation

2004 International

October 8th & 9th
Wyndham Orlando Resort

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Friday Night Clinics

  Master Carole Coker
  of Montgomery  
  conducts clinic
  session with Master



  Master Washington  
  from Australia teaches
  techniques to very
  attentive group

Saturday Competition

Joey Hoover of Karate World in Suwanee wins a first place medal


   Brad Burrow and
   Joey Hoover of 
   Karate World


Stefan Abdo and
 Joey of Karate World

Left and right: Brad, Joey, Stefan relax following individual competition on Saturday morning


    Joey and Brad 
    participate in Team
    Demo Routine >>


Participants received special T-Shirts

Team Events on Saturday Afternoon




Saturday Night Banquet at Ming Court Chinese Restaurant in Orlando


Joey, Brad and

  Master Carole Coker
  of Montgomery and


   Head Table: Head
   Master St. James,
   and Master Case

    Master Case poses
    with Joey Hoover,
    Brad Burrow, Josh and
    Patrick Hidding


Mothers Lisa Hoover
and Tanja Matthews
with their sons Joey
and Brad

Photo from

  Republican xx
Right Webs2Go
Page and photos by
Grandma Bettye






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