Obama's Revenge!

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Everyone patriotic American who loves this country as we know it needs to read this article.   This is SCARY.  How could this have happened in this greatest country in the world?

Joan Swirsky's analysis of Barack Obama's psychological profile is a masterpiece.
Joan Swirsky (http://www.joanswirsky.com/) is a New York-based author and journalist who can be reached at joansharon@aol.com.
Joan Swirsky's analysis of Barack Obama's psychological profile is a masterpiece.  You will want to pass this along to your friends, as Americans (and other "global citizens") are beginning to realize that Obama isn't what he appeared to be during a theatrically orchestrated campaign.  Does inner rage - not hope - lie at the root of this man's motivations? 
You decide.
Obama's Revenge

Posted by:  Joan Swirsky 02/15/2009 Once upon a time, a white teenager from Kansas got pregnant by her black Kenyan boyfriend, Barack Obama Sr., or was it her husband?  Whatever.  (I say  whatever because we've never seen either marriage or divorce certificates).  Some say the couple was in  Kenya  visiting relatives when the birth of their son, Barack Obama Jr., occurred.  No matter..  (I say no matter because we've never seen an authentic birth certificate).  By the time the baby was two years old his father abandoned him for his other wife and child in  Kenya   Read entire published article. . .
This is Obama's Revenge!


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