Why I am supporting Nathan Deal for Governor
by Bettye Chambers of Buford, GA -- Hall County - July 8, 2010
These are my personal opinions based upon known facts.

Signs of the times across North GA.

There are many reason why I am supporting my former Congressman who served us well for 18 years in that role. Following are just a few of my reasons for supporting him for Governor.
  • Newt Gingrich vouches for Nathan Deal’s GOP credentials -- click here  - June 2, 2010 - View video
  • Candidate Deal's Real Prosperity Plan
    If you have not already done so, please read candidate Deal's "Real Prosperity Plan" which cuts tax burden, boosts jobs
    http://www.dealforgovernor.com/pdf/RealProsperity.pdf   Economists say that  'Real Prosperity' gets A-plus -- Ex-CBO Director Holtz-Eakin says Deal plan will 'make Georgia grow'
  • Massive and impressive list of endorsements http://www.dealforgovernor.com/endorsements.php
  • Log Cabin Republican E-Mails from Karen Handel
    Jim Galloway has an interesting story about Karen Handel. The Log Cabin Republicans have released a series of emails from Karen during previous campaigns and as it turns out, she did say that she supports domestic partner benefits for same-sex couples. Check out the story by clicking here:
    Karen Handel Emails.
  • Rasmussen Poll on Governor's Race. A Rasmussen poll of likely Georgia voters released May 24 found Deal fared the best of any Republican against Roy Barnes, the Democratic gubernatorial candidate who has raised the most money. The poll reported three GOP candidates leading Barnes, but Deal led by the largest margin, 47 to 40 percent.
  • While in Congress, Nathan Deal was a leader when it came to protecting our borders.  Read more in AJC.
  • Nathan Deal has enthusiastically traveled the state to reach out to all Georgia Republicans and explain his vision for our state. His unique gift for powerful extemporaneous speaking is unsurpassed. Notes or teleprompters  not needed!

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Left: Sandra and Nathan Deal at the Greater Gwinnett Republican Women's Club with Bettye Chambers and Ben Satterfield.  Right: Sandra and Nathan Deal with Tonya Boga of Cobb County at the GGRW meeting.  Sandra as well as Nathan Deal has been on the road meeting with MANY groups all across the state where they were enthusiastically received.

  • New Insider Advantage Poll. - July 2, 2010
    Please note that this Insider Advantage Poll is not the most reliable poll.  In fact, Insider Advantage rates second from the bottom of all political polls in reliability.  It appears that they tend to decide which candidate they prefer and then work their numbers accordingly. This one showed Nathan Deal coming in third behind Oxendine and Handel. Importantly, 34 percent are undecided. Don't get too excited over this poll since there are so many undecided.
  • Rasmussen polls for the third time have shown that Nathan Deal is the candidate who can defeat Roy Barnes in November.

We need to get busy for Nathan Deal who is by far the best qualified for this position AND is a native born Georgian.   He served in the GA Senate and was part of the leadership there.  He has been a most effective Congressman from the 9th district of GA since 1992. He has served as a Captain in the Army, is a parent and grandparent,  has a law degree and has served as a judge and prosecutor.  He has one of the most conservative voting records in all of Congress.  He has been endorsed by fellow Congressmen and numerous members of the GA General Assembly and many others.  He is a huge friend of education, and recently Cobb County Educators have endorsed Nathan Deal for Governor. 

Why I cannot support Karen Handel for Governor of Georgia
Some Republican women think that I should support Karen because she is a woman, and they feel we would be making history just to have a female governor.  I support a woman only when she is the best qualified for the position. We should never support a candidate based solely on gender or skin color.

Below are the reasons why I am not supporting Karen Handel for Governor even though I think she has done a good job as S.O.S.  We just wish she had stayed there and not succumbed to ambition for a higher office.
  • For Governor of Georgia I prefer to have a man or woman who is a native of the state or at least a southerner.  Karen was born and reared in the D.C. area according to her bio information.  I understand that she moved here 13 years ago, so she is a rather newcomer to our state.
  • For Governor of Georgia, I prefer to have someone who has a college degree.  Yes, I know there are many very smart people without degrees -- like Rush Limbaugh. However, whoever is elected Governor becomes a role model in the eyes of many young people.  I fear that some children (and grand children) will say to their parents, "Why should I go to college.  Even our Governor did not."  Many years ago degrees were not as important as they are in today's competitive society.
  • For Governor of Georgia, I prefer to have someone who has experienced  parenthood and knows what it takes to raise a child.  I have been told that Karen could not have children which is unfortunate.  However, I know MANY who have this same problem and decided to adopt and raise children.
  • For Governor of Georgia, I would prefer to have someone who has served in the military if possible so they will know first hand what it is like to serve our country in this capacity.
  • For governor of Georgia, I prefer to have someone who has completed a term of office.  Karen  has continuously resigned her jobs and offices to run for a higher office.  I understand that she resigned Sonny Perdue's staff to run for Fulton County Commission. She  resigned early as Chair of Fulton County Commission to run for Secretary of State. She resigned that job after three years to run for Governor. What next?
  • It is my understanding that Governor Sonny Perdue has been promoting Karen from the very beginning. After eight successful years it is time for Governor Perdue to move on.  We do not need a former governor trying to run this office through a friend and protégée.

Nathan Deal is the only candidate who fulfills all of my above preferences. In addition he is a man of great faith and family values.

Please take a look at Nathan Deal's TV ad which started today, July 8.  click here
Nathan Deal to save tax dollars and use local police to deport illegals

If you are not already firmly committed, please think about this and forward  this information to Republicans on your e-mail list. Please visit Nathan Deal's new website for more information about him and his plans for Georgia.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.  If you totally disagree or are related to one of the many other candidates, just delete and please do not shoot the messenger ;- )  We all must unite to take back our Congress in November 2010 and our presidency in 2012.

Bettye Chambers
Buford, GA -- Hall County

Note: I am writing this as a concerned voter and am not a member of any campaign staff.