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Cherry Blossom Festival Time in
Washington, D.C.

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 NFRW Capitol Regents and Regents at the White House Tea  
 March 28, 2007


Regents with Mrs. Bush at the White House

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Oklahoma 2007 - Mrs. Bush
and Jeannine Long


Pennsylvania 2007 - Suzanne Connelly, Mrs. Bush, MaryAnn Garvey and Cathy Maxaner

Georgia 2007
- Millie Rogers,
Mrs. Bush, Bettye Chambers

Georgia 2006
-- Lori Pesta,
Gussie Gammon,
Millie Rogers,
Mrs. Bush, Bettye Chambers and Lisa Hoover

Georgia 2004
- Val Betz,
Mrs. Bush and
Bettye Chambers


First Lady Laura Bush invited the Board of Regents of the National Federation of Republican Women to the White House for tea again on March 28, 2007. This was the sixth  time that Mrs. Bush has extended this invitation to the Board of Regents of NFRW. There were about 200 Regents from all across the country attending this glorious event where they had the opportunity to meet Mrs. Bush individually, shake her hand and have a photograph made with her.

The official photo of Mrs. Bush with the individual state Regents and Capitol Regents  will be available to each attendee in May of 2007. Read First Lady's Biography
(above) Laura Bush : An Intimate Portrait of the First Lady (Hardcover)
Ronald Kessler -  released on April 4, 2006

Millie Rogers and Bettye Chambers of Georgia with Mrs. Bush at the NFRW
Regent's Tea at the White House on March 28, 2007




Spring Time at the White House

Cherry Blossoms in Bloom on the Mall in Washington, D.C


President Bush warms up his pitching arm under the glow of Magnolia trees on the South Lawn April 3, 2001.

Flowers bloom in the Rose Garden April 14, 2003.

Tulips bloom around the fountain on the South Lawn of the White House April 15, 2003. Flowers bloom in the Rose Garden April 18, 2004.

Tulips bloom around the fountain on the South Lawn of the White House April 15, 2003.
Landscape Photos from White House Website

  NFRW Regents Attend Tea at the White
  House with First Lady Laura Bush - March 28, 2007


 Click above for panoramic view of East Room with I-PIX on the Whitehouse Website

Beginning the trip to the White House on March 28, 2007

Left Click thumbnail photos to enlarge
Top Left: Regents board the buses for the short trip to the White House. Lynne Nutley of  NJ and Freida von Schiller of NY wait to board the bus in photo one. Both serve on the Sergeant-at- Arms Committee.

Left: Regents line up to enter the gates of the White House property where they go through a security check point.

Tulip tree in full bloom at gate to WH


Above: Regents at the Renaissance Hotel Lobby line up to board the buses for the White House on March 28




Tea in the Beautiful East Room of the White House

Above: Elegant table with delicious hors d'oeuvres in the East Room.  Dolly Madison in last
photo appears to be presiding over the events in the historical East Room.  Second Photo: Lady in brilliant pink jacket is Marilyn Dankner of FL, 4th NFRW Vice President.

Left: Janis Holt, a Capitol Regent from Texas, in East Room


Looking down Cross Hall into the East Room



    Tea in the State Dining Room


          Above Right: Caroline Pierce, Mary  
          Humphrey and Joan Castle Joseff,
Above:  Tulip trees as seen through window in the State Dining room. Elegant tea table with portrait of the Father of our Republican Party, President Abraham Lincoln    --   Above right: Beautiful Golden Chandelier in State Dining Room
  Above second photo: Shirley Sadler, NFRW 1st Vice President, and Jane Lane, NFRW
  Treasurer. Third photo: Jacque Stafford CO, Wanda Bell TX,
Ginny Hines FL, Shirley Foote CA,
   and Bonnie Re FL


Other Areas of the White House




Above left to right: Cross Hall area with portrait of President Gerald Ford, White House pianist below portrait of President George H. W. Bush.  Left: The White House is staffed with out-standing military guides -- America's finest

 NFRW President Beverly Davis with her daughter-in-law Dr. Betty Davis from Arizona
   Jean Luís relative, Tsui
   Lin Sung of CA in the
   beautiful Red Room

  Jean Klinge, NFRW
  Regents Coordinator,
  with one of the
  helpful military
   Bettye Chambers of
   GA - a very tired but
   happy photographer
   rests before board-
   ing the bus back to
   the hotel.
Photo by
   Shirley Sadler


Another great visit to our White House!
Just think how many great Americans have walked across these floors!

Some of the
Presidential China

Another favorite portrait -
 First Lady Barbara Bush!


Elaine Obenhuber exits
the Green Room

Each State's Regents and Capitol Regents had individual photos made with Mrs. Bush in the Blue Room. These will be mailed in late May, and some will be added in this spot at that time.


      View March 2007 Board of Director's Meeting page

Become an NFRW Regent today and join us next year for a memorable trip to the White House and many other special

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View: Legislative Day at the Capitol - March 29, 2007


View scenes from White House Tea - March 21, 2004
View scenes from White House Tea - March 16, 2006


  White House Panoramic Tours

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Virtual Tour of the White House

Rooms on the Tour
Blue Room | Entrance and Cross Halls |
East Room | Green Room | Library | Red Room
State Dining Room | Vermeil Room



Launch to Victory Meeting - March 30, 2007  -  8 a.m.
Capitol Regents and Regents


Launch to Victory, a five-year financial plan for the NFRW, was passed by the Board of Directors and launched during the meeting. The plan includes the goals of increasing levels to 200,000 sustaining members, 400 Regents, 100 Capitol Regents and 30,000 donors. Election goals include training more candidates and campaign workers, and sending more strike force volunteers to work in targeted states.

Below are photos from this most informative session:

President Beverly Davis introduces Dennis Whitfield, who has conducted an extensive study to determine the financial needs of NFRW for the next five years. He gave a very informative slide show presentation with many facts and figures. The figures he gave were based on goals of 200,000 Sustaining Members and 30,000 active donors. This would impact the election of 12 more U.S. House seats, 4 U.S. Senate races, 4 Governor races and 4 seats critical to the presidential race. We would need 400 Regents and 100 Capitol Regents.

Above: Regents and Capitol Regents listen to the presentation and ask a number of questions. Personal contributions for this project were already being made before the end of the session. Mr. Whitfield has served as a Political Director for the RNC




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