Happy 4th of July to our Republican Friends   

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Be an Informed Voter!

Please take the time in your busy summer to read up on all of our state wide candidates and our own Hall County candidates.  In order to make an enlightened choice on July 18, visit their web sites and do a little research into their backgrounds to see how they have voted in the past and if they are REAL conservative Republicans.  If they have served in elected positions in the past, check out their records there. 
In June many of us attended a Republican Primary Forum at the Georgia Mountains Center where we had the opportunity to listen to local Hall County Republican candidates who will be on the ballot on July 18.  If you have not done so, please click here to visit that photo web page. Recently more important voting information has been added to this page which includes Voting Guide information from the AJC, the Gainesville Times, and Access North Georgia.  An absentee ballot is also available there.

Bettye Chambers
Hall County Republican

 In case you have not seen this e-mail which Mark Musselwhite sent out today. . . .   It would be so wonderful to have a peaceful campaign just based upon the facts.



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                     CONTACT: Mark Musselwhite

July 3, 2006                                                                                                                                     770-519-3174


Mark Musselwhite make Clean Campaign Pledge, asks other candidates to do the same


Takes down all advertising mentioning his opponents and urges Hawkins to
do the same


(GAINESVILLE) – This past week saw an unfortunate negative turn in the State Senate campaign, as Lee Hawkins hurled charges at Mark Musselwhite and Musselwhite responded forcefully to those charges.


In response to this week, Mark Musselwhite has made a unilateral decision to take down all advertising mentioning his opponents and has urged the other candidates to join him in ending all campaign advertising that mentions their opponents.


“I have gone completely positive this July 4th weekend,” said Musselwhite.  “While I felt it necessary to defend my record, I also think a person leads by their actions.  I believe it is time to get back to campaigning strictly on our own platforms.”


Musselwhite asked his opponents, Jeff Williams and Lee Hawkins, to join him in immediately ending all advertising that mentions their opponents and “staying strictly positive” through the end of the campaign in either July or August (depending on whether a runoff is required).


Musselwhite asked his opponents to make a decision about this so-called “Clean Campaign Pledge” by close of the day Tuesday, July 4.


“I have already spoken with Lee Hawkins about this, and I will be calling Jeff Williams as well.  The Clean Campaign Pledge is simple:  if any ad, mailpiece, or other item mentions or refers to your opponent, then it is not permissible,” said Musselwhite.  “I hope my opponents will join me in this pledge.”


 When asked what he will do if an opponent refuses to sign the Pledge, Musselwhite was clear.


“I will stick by this pledge if my opponents will,” said Musselwhite.  “But if they don’t, I will aggressively defend my service and my reputation.  There is no reason it must come to that, but if it does I will return to defending my good name.”










Late News on the Lt. Governor's Race

In case you missed this e-mail today from Brad Alexander of the Cagle Campaign

Federal Investigators Now Focusing on Reed Money Laundering
- read more. . .

Liberty Caucus Endorses Cagle,
  Says It's 'Saddened' By Reed Ad  6/28



    Meet you at the Polls on July 18. . . .


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by Bettye