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Senior Letters 2011

Letter to my senior grandson

Joseph Kirkland Hoover (Joey)

Below: Senior letter to Joey from his grandmother, Bettye Chambers

May 19, 2011

Special Memories of my grandson Joey Hoover as he graduates from North Gwinnett High School on May 30, 2011

Dear Joey

As a young child you did, indeed, light up my life -- and you still do! (Now playing is  "You light up my life." )

A few special memories:

▪ The day you were born – July 3, 1992.  What a beautiful baby!
You as a Cub Scout and then a Boy Scout.  What great memories!  See photo below.
▪ The many times that you stayed at our house while your parents went to UGA Football games. That was a special time in my memory when you and Michael wanted to go to Grandma and Pop Pop’s house.
▪ Your confirmation into the United Methodist Church.
Your Graduation from Riverside Elementary School in Suwanee.

       ▪ Your fantastic works of art when you were very young.  These still adorn my refrigerator door in case I forget. ;- )

       ▪ My trip with you and your mother in 2004 to the International Tang Soo Do Championships  in Orlando. Remember the web page I made of that event?  Loved watching you perform!

      ▪ You working in the Hall County Republican Party headquarters during the elections of 2010.  I was so proud of your understanding of our political process and your strong conservative leanings!  So glad that your Government class teacher gave you this assignment. I especially enjoyed our rides to Gainesville and back with your two friends who also worked in the headquarters.

      ▪ Your wonderful band concerts in the theater at NG.  Every year your band just got better and better!

      ▪ All of the NG Football games where we watched you perform in the marching band.  In your last year your band looked more like a college band than a HS band.  Hope you make the Auburn marching band since I know you will love that.


As you finish this phase of your life, I pray that you will take with you the values which your mother and father have taught you.  As you move on to higher education, there will be many temptations; but I know you will make the right decisions and make your family proud – as we are today.  God has blessed you with a fantastic mind which He (and I) expect you to use to its full capacity.  As you enter the wide world of engineering, I can just see you working in NASA and possible future trips to outer space. (If the President does not totally kill that program.)

As long as I am alive, know that I shall continue to love you as I have for these past 18 years and will always be here if you need me as long as I live.

God Bless and Keep You!

Love you always

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Below:  Some special memories in photographs. . .

Those were the days . . .

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Joey at a Cub Scout Event

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The artist


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Joey graduates from
Riverside Elementary
in Gwinnett

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Joey at 2004 International
Tang Soo Do Championships
 in Orlando


Year 2000 -2001 Art work

These are still on Grandma's
refrigerator door



Joey works at Hall GOP Headquarter, October 2010.  This was an assignment from his Government class.

October 2010   


North Gwinnett  Band Concert – 2010  - Joey in middle     

Joey in North Gwinnett HS Marching band
9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade

NG Band marches at Suwanee Days 2011

Now . . .  on to Auburn for this engineering major who plans to try out for the
Auburn University Band


God bless you and be with you.

Love You!

Grandma Bettye


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