Speakers on for music.

Wish I could share this message with my father today.  He was a wonderful father, husband and provider. I still miss him to this day. He was always very quiet but never failed to let me know that he loved me. Hope that  all of you on this list who have lost
your fathers have the same fond memories that I have of my father --
Thomas Richard Kirkland



Heavenly Father of All,
We thank you for the gift of Fathers.

For Fathers
who dangle little ones on their knees
and teach boys and girls to be
young men and young ladies.

For Fathers
who are proud and secretly shed a tear
when a child graduates, marries or
just does something that touches his heart.

For Fathers
who are now called Grandfathers and
are as lenient with their grandchildren
as they were strict with their own children.

For Fathers
who even though they are
no longer with us,
have left a legacy that guides us today.





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by Bettye Kirkland Chambers