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The Nightmare Continues with Obamacare in 2013


    I woke up on the morning of November 7, 2012

to find:


       -- Barak Hussein Obama - President again

       -- Joe Biden - Vice-president again

       -- Jane Fonda - Secretary of Defense
       -- Michael Moore - Foreign Secretary
       -- Whoopi Goldberg - Secretary of Interior
       -- Jessie Jackson, Bill Clinton and Rev. Wright
           Chaplains & Moral Advisors to the White House

       -- Eric H. Holder, Jr. -- Head of FBI, CIA,

           Homeland Security and Fast and Furious
-- Harry Reid - Senate Majority Leader (again)

       -- Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House (again)

       -- William Ayers* - First Speech Writer & No. 1

          Advisor to the White House

          *Ayers -former member of the Weathermen, a revolutionary

           Marxist organization that engaged in bombings

         --  Frank Marshall Davis, Communist - Secretary of Ed.

          (Davis was early influence on Obama)

       -- Hillary Clinton - No. 1 Queen of the buck stops here

         -- All Obama Czars are reinstated for four more years

-- The U.S. is declared a Muslim nation by Presidential


    SAY IT ISN'T SO !!!!


We got the following

. . .


Obama - Biden 2012??

Say it isn't so!!



A Political


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              Political Pollster

Obama is God

Vote for Me!

      Occupy Halloween

Obamacare Nightmare Continues


Thanks to cartoonist Rick McKee for some GREAT Obamacare cartoons!

Hope your Halloween dream is better than this one.


May Election day 2014 be better

 and Election day 2016 ever better!


Let us pray and WORK to this end!