News Items from the Governor's Race Runoff
 August 10, 2010

Statement From Maurice Atkinson - Former Bibb County Chair for Karen Handel for Governor ("Former" as of August 1, 2010)
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"For months I have been organizing for Karen Handel in her quest for governor. Karen is a friend and was helpful to me when I served on the Bibb County Board of Assessors. Several years ago, when she was running for Sec. of State she visited a Bibb GOP breakfast. After the meeting I asked her about the issues Fulton County faced with the Board of Assessors and how the issue was taken care of. She put me in contact with her Chief of Staff and they provided documents and resources which I then gave to our Commissioners. The rest is history. From that time, I developed a respect and friendship for the Handels. I admired her tenacious spirit and can do attitude.

"When she decided to run for governor, supporting Karen was a no brainer. I organized and connected people extolling her personality and tenacity. While many of you knew of my differences with one of the gubernatorial candidates, never did I purposely and publicly attempt to humiliate or malign him. I built up Karen, based on the Karen Handel I knew.

"Now the field is narrowed to 2 candidates. Coming out of the primary, Karen had momentum. She was nearly 12 points above her competitors. People were inspired and motivated for “reform”. But something happened. Her ad just days before the election bugged me and I contacted her staff. She ran an ad portraying EVERYONE’s a crook but me. They shrugged it off and so did I.

"Then Karen got into another battle with the Georgia Right To Life over stupid comments. Karen then began calling foul to the Deal campaign and began trashing Nathan because he wouldn’t get involved in her issues with a private organization. I again spoke with the campaign and suggested to them that they stay focused on the issues, not things they have no control over. Daniel assured me they were, but had to respond, as they were being overwhelmed with calls into the office. I strongly suggested they refocus to their message and what Karen could accomplish as governor.

"This week the Handel campaign unleashes a snarky advertisement calling Congressman Deal corrupt!  In concert with the ad, her surrogates have lit up the blogosphere with a literal trashing of Congressman Deal. Then sends out a mailer promoting a website funded by none other than GEORGE SOROS! You can probably lob some bricks at Mr. Deal for serving as a congressman, but to purposely and aggressively destroy his character is morally wrong. I will have no part of it. I am resigned from supporting Karen Handel.

"I decided to do my own review of the candidates and posted items at the Bibb County Republican Party website [Maurice owns this site]. My findings are that there is a significant contrast between these candidates. Nathan Deal has spent a life of service. He is a military veteran (captain), was an assistant District Attorney, Juvenile Judge, State Legislator and Congressman. He conducts himself in a kind and humble manner, yet deliberate and focused.

"This election is a mere days away and early voting has begun. Do we want a respected public servant who has lived a life marked with esteem or are we going for door number two, a political neophyte we really don’t know much about, who touts a resume that is incredibly suspect, but can say great buzz words. For me, I’m supporting a real patriot, Congressman Nathan Deal.

Kindest Regards,

Maurice Atkinson



Gubernatorial Debate - August 1, 2010

Did you watch the debate Sunday evening at 6:30 between Nathan Deal and Karen Handel?   Watch video at 

Karen came across as being very angry and definitely displayed her "bring it on" attitude.


Updates from the Deal Campaign -- in case you missed them.

This week, Nathan has picked up the endorsement of Congressman Jack Kingston of Savannah, numerous state legislators, the National Rifle Association, Georgia, and the Independent Insurance Agents of Georgia. Also, the Chapman, Johnson, and Oxendine campaign leaders from Cobb County joined our team, and Rasmussen reported for the 4th time that Nathan Deal is the most likely candidate to beat Roy Barnes in November. As I said, many new and exciting things are happening within the campaign. To see this stories, click on the following links:

Senate Endorsements
--  Prosperity and Immigration Reform -- Kingston, --
Cobb County -- NRA Endorsement --  Georgia Carry
--  Rasmussen


TV Video from the Handel Campaign
Handel's recent TV video where she says that Nathan Deal is a corrupt relic of Washington, D.C.  Nathan Deal is the most honest elected official  that I have ever known. Is there nothing that she will not say or do to get elected? She must REALLY want this job at all costs.  View at

The real Republican runoff: Sarah Palin vs. the Georgia General Assembly




If you have not seen the attached Get Real on Immigration, please take the time to read it.  Let me know if you cannot open it


Dear Parents, Educators & Friends,

We need your support for Nathan Deal so he can be Georgia's next Governor. Among the many reasons is his stance on the need for quality public education and this PAGE survey response backs up his record. His opponent hasn't completed the survey and it's been many weeks since the response request has been made. Please take a look and if you agree that Nathan Deal is the best candidate for Georgia schools, please share with your friends & Vote

Voter guide compiled by Georgia Insight and Eagle forum of GA.  

Do not see it up yet on the Georgia Insight website, so I have copied it to this website at in case you have problems opening  attachments.