Georgia Delegates/Alternates
 National Convention 2008

Welcome to the Website for the GA GOP Delegates and Alternates to the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-Saint Paul on September 1 - 4!

During these four days, the delegates and alternates from Georgia will participate in the convention process of nominating Senator John McCain for President of the United States.  This process is a responsibility which our delegation takes very seriously. Click here to see a list of Georgia delegates and alternates who will be attending.

Plans are to create a photo essay web page each day of the convention.  This will include some behind the scenes people and events which you will not see on the evening TV news. Georgia's delegates and alternates will be highlighted as well as the speakers on the convention stage.  There will also be a number of social events which will be covered on these photo web pages.

Each day when that web page is completed and published to the server, the  page address will be e-mailed to the GA GOP headquarters in Atlanta.  It will be e-mailed across the state to every Republican on the GA GOP massive e-mail list.  Hopefully, this will make our members at home in Georgia feel very much a part of this convention. You might want to list this website in your favorites and go to it frequently as updates are made during the convention.

Sue Everhart, GA GOP chairman, and the entire slate of delegates and  alternates thank you for supporting our delegation and for viewing this website during and after the convention on September 1 - 4. It will be a memorable event for every Republican!!

On to Victory 2008!



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