Dear God,
   Why did Obama get elected?

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 (Written  by a {Pastor}

I,  like many Americans, was deeply saddened by the  reelection of Obama on Tuesday, November 6, and was quick to be  ashamed of America and the people who voted for  him. I also questioned why God would allow this to happen.

Today I started to reflect upon what  happened and why. Then it hit me that I wasn't  trusting God and He is still in control!

Perhaps  God in his wisdom knew that Romney was not the  right choice for us at this time. Perhaps God in  his wisdom knew that whomever got elected was  going to face huge problems and why shouldn't  Obama be the one to shoulder that  responsibility. After all he is the one who has  misled, lied to the American people, and has  further plans for the destruction of our Country  as we have known and loved it.

He now has to  "inherit" his own mess and can't blame it on  someone else. The media would have crucified  Romney over the next four years for "ruining"  Obama's hope and change plans and blamed him for  all the problems.

I believe that our God will  show this nation what happens when you allow  Godless people to manage the gifts this nation  has to offer and He provided for us. I believe  He will expose Obama once and for all for the  failure he is and our corrupt media will not be  able to save him.

I also believe that Obama's  attitude and treatment of Israel is not looked  upon by God as obeying his command and Obama  will have to answer for that.

We have another  Congressional election coming up in two years  and maybe we can get rid of some of the  democratic critters that occupy Congress today.  Maybe in four years we can run a ticket for  President and Vice President like Paul Ryan and  Marco Rubio.

Maybe when America again suffers  serious setbacks, people will realize what a  weak and corrupt management team we have and be  tired of it.

I will not question God's wisdom or  plans He has for us again, because He is in  control and has always done what's best for us.

We are reminded that prayer isn't always  answered in the way we would like at the time,  but God does answer our prayers in His time and  in a way that is best for His children. So,  let's keep the Faith, lay our worries at His  feet and trust God to take care of  us!

This  was on my heart today and I hope you all don't  mind my expressing these thoughts to you. I am  in need of strength, encouragement and  understanding as are so many of the faithful and  good Americans in our Country  today!

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