Gubernatorial Debate in
Forsyth County

Rasmussen Poll July 15 has Deal tied for first with Handel over Oxendine --




Monday, July 13, 2010
Sponsored by the Forsyth Republican Party
Candidates for Georgia Governor:
 Nathan Deal and Karen Handel

July 20, 2010

The Commissioner's Auditorium of the Forsyth County Administration Building was the site of this most interesting debate between gubernatorial candidates Nathan Deal and Karen Handel onTuesday evening at 6:45 p.m. -- 110 East Main Street, Suite 220, Cumming, Georgia. Voters came from not only Forsyth County but some were spotted there from Hall, Cobb, Gwinnett, Gordon, Dawson, Fulton and Union Counties.  It was quite obvious that Nathan Deal supporters were in the majority. With only a few days before the primary elections, Republican voters and candidates alike were eager to be a part of this event.
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Ethan Underwood (left), Chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party welcomes the large group to the debate and explains the format for the evening. Two other candidates requested to speak to the group since they were unable to attend previous Forsyth forums.





1 - 2. Steve Tarvin, candidate for Congress from the 9th District spoke to the group and emphasized his vast business background which he felt would make him a very effective Congressman. Congressman Tom Graves was elected to this position in the June 8 runoff, but candidates must run again in the July 20 primary.  This is to fill the position held by former Congressman Nathan Deal.
3 - 4.  Gary Black, the very popular candidate for Agriculture Commissioner speaks to the group.  This will be the first time EVER that a Republican will fill this most important elected office in the sate of Georgia.

Debate between Nathan Deal and Karen Handel






5 - 6.  Sue Everhart, Chairman of the GA GOP was introduced by Ethan Underwood.  Sue served as moderator and asked the predetermined questions of both candidates. 7 - 8.The candidates had similar positions on most leading issues including water, immigration, economic development and tax reform, but they differed on right to life. Deal said he supported it; Handel opposed it because she said the constitutional amendment has no provision for rape and incest victims. Handel said she would be a strong 'right to life' governor, but she would stand by her position. Deal has received the strong endorsement of the GA Right To Life and Handel did not receive their endorsement.  Deal and his wife Sandra have four grown children and six grandchildren and know what it takes to raise a family.  Handel has no children.




9. Handel gives her position on many issues including 'right to life.' She announces her pleasure in being endorsed the day before by Sarah Palin of Alaska.  10. Deal talks about his long time strong stance against illegal immigration while serving 18 years in Congress.  11. Deal emphasizes his life long allegiance to the state of Georgia -- having been born in South Georgia, growing up in Central Georgia and then settling in North Georgia where he served many years in the GA Senate before being elected to Congress in 1992.  Handel did not mention where she was born and reared; however, records show that she was born and grew up in the D.C. area and only moved to Georgia 13 years ago. Therefore, she is not a native Georgian.  Deal announced his endorsement by the popular former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich -- a long time resident of Georgia who served many years in Congress where he represented Georgia well. 





12. Two of the many Deal supporters, Simeon Deal and his wife. 13. Some of the many interested Republicans -- of all ages  14.  Peggy Green, Secretary of the Forsyth GOP with Sue Everhart.  
15. Sue Everhart
with Bettye Chambers, former Communications Director and webmaster for the 9th District GOP.

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