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A most inspiring special presentation on Fox News - November 7, 2013.

Sean Hannity: Happy 95th Birthday, Reverend Graham

Thursday at 10p/1a ET, Fox News honors the incredible life and enduring legacy of Reverend Billy Graham on his 95th birthday.

 Reverend Billy Graham once wrote, My home is heaven. Im just traveling through this world. And while that reflects the humility this great American embodies, the reality is, for nearly a century, the legendary preacher has done much more than simply travel through this world.  He became the pastor to a dozen American presidents, counseled kings and queens and helped deliver the message of the Gospel to millions.  Read more


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Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, NC


     Above:  Billy Graham with his wife Ruth who passed
     away in 2007. They were happily married for 64 years.

Prayer Garden at the Library





 Proof of the Resurrection - read more on the Billy Graham website





Music playing: Just as I am
performed by Margie Harrell

This famous hymn was used so many times as Billy Graham's Invitation hymn at the end of his sermon. 
Over the years of his ministry, thousands of souls have walked down to aisle when this music was played.


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